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 Crystal Restoration provides a complete range of removal and restoration services specifically designed for water damage, whether resulting from flood, plumbing failures, or fire-fighting. Crystal's extensive services are designed to deal quickly and conveniently with all of the damage caused by a water loss, making every attempt to do it through cost-effective restoration - when possible, or replacement - when necessary.
During the worst storm of the year, a storage facility's roof was blown off and rain poured into the offices and warehouse. Crystal was there the next day to remove standing water. Reducing moisture levels, mold, and mildew was also critical to minimizing business interruption. Once a watertight barrier was in place overhead, work began on the drying out of the entire area using air movement machines and dehumidifiers. Because of the amount of sensitive equipment in the facility, a corrosion inhibitor was applied manually to electronic and other components.
Simultaneously, Crystal began cleaning and restoring the paneling, lighting, carpeting, furniture and draperies throughout the office, and repainted the entire facility. Ruined ceiling tiles, which had fallen onto desks, desktop computers, and the floor, were replaced and sheetrock was salvaged when possible. Document drying was also critical to getting the office back into operation, and Crystal managed to salvage entire files of key company data.
In a surprisingly short amount of time, both warehouse and office were back in business, thanks to the professionals at Crystal Restoration



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